10 Rules of Plus Size Dressing

10 Rules of Plus Size Dressing

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Here are 10 rules of plus-size dressing for men. This may seem like a lot, but you will be surprised how often these rules apply to the average man. When dressing for the “big” guy, these rules become particularly important, since the average man cannot hope to please or look good enough for the average woman. Here, we’ll cover some of the more important things that you need to remember when it comes to dressing for your special someone.

  1. Style with Comfort

Comfortable plus size mens fashion

The first rule is pretty simple: dress for your body, not for the size of your clothes. Yes, there are the ever-popular “one size fits all” rules, but the truth is that people vary a lot in size. If you are dealing with a dressing problem, such as a hanging shirt that is too long, try adjusting the length by wearing a shorter jacket or vest. Adjusting your clothing in this way will make your body appear proportionate and will remove the “offending” bulge. Exile premium jeans & premium chinos for plus-size mens offer super comfort, Easy-to-style, and maintain.

  1. Choose the right accessory at the right time

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A second rule is very similar to the first one, except that it also applies to accessories and how you wear them. When dressing for a large person, it’s easy to lose sight of what makes you attractive and what does not. For instance, a woman who is wearing very short pants with a very large bra can easily make her otherwise attractive body look like a sausage. In order to avoid this undesirable outcome, remember to dress according to your body. Use accessories that flatter your figure and don’t draw attention to areas you’d rather leave unappreciated.

  1. Dress Honestly

Comfortable plus size mens fashion

The third rule is pretty simple but nevertheless true: be honest. Dress honestly. Nothing can affect how people feel more than how they are judged based on how they look. So, if you are unhappy with something about yourself that you feel would be better covered by clothing, do not put it off. Take the time to find the best dress for you and ask a friend or someone you trust to help you shop for it. It is not always easy to shop for clothes, but it will pay off in the end.

  1. Right shoes

Plus size mens shoes

This rule is simple: Always find the right shoes. It may seem obvious, but the truth is that many plus-size men suffer from foot discomfort, both because of the clothes they wear and their own feet. If you suffer from foot pain, it is imperative that you choose shoes that are appropriate for your body. You want to ensure that they fit well and are also of a comfortable nature so that you do not have to frequently adjust them.

  1. Color And Pattern

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Don’t mix two different colors if you’re wearing a solid color. It might look nice, but it will just make you stand out like a sore thumb. Avoid the temptation to put on three-tone, or black, gray, and brown. It’s not attractive. Just stick with solid colors. Some other helpful dressing tips include having a closet full of different colors and materials. Neutral colors such as khakis, t-shirts, and shorts can be great choices when dressing for men. Bright colors, like red, can be great if you pair them with the right leather jacket. For women, avoid bold patterns or solid patterns. Choose delicate floral prints instead. These types of patterns are usually flattering to the plus sizes that they feature. At Exile Store, you can shop across a wide range & colors of clothes such as Denim blue jeans, regular fit plus size jeans black, navy blue chinos etc. 

  1. Proportions are important

Comfortable plus size mens fashion

Don’t mix and match. You don’t have to choose several different clothes to create a balanced look. Try to select two or three different kinds of clothes for different occasions. One for the office, one for your night out, and one for casual dressing. By combining different fabrics and colors in your clothes, you can create balance

  1. Create Unique Combinations

Comfortable plus size mens fashion

If you follow these rules for dressing for men’s suits, you’ll look better in the clothes you choose. Plus size men should have at least one of each of these items: a dark suit; a crisp white or Gray blazer; a dress shirt; a pair of good jeans; a leather jacket; and a pair of shoes

  1. Choose Stylish But Functional Clothes

Plus size chinos for mens

Dressing for plus-size men also means that you need to pay special attention to how you shop for clothes. Don’t just go to any store. Choose only those stores that specialize in plus-size clothes. These tend to be run by people who know their stuff. They’ll have clothes that will flatter your figure and make you look better in them.

  1. Clothes Should Follow Your Body

plus size mens fashion

Another rule for men’s suits is that you should never wear two similar items of clothing. It’s always best to mix and match different items so you can get a better look. But this rule does not mean that you need to change your entire wardrobe

  1. Layers can be Awesome

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Layering is not only fashionable but also a great choice for plus-size men. Jackets pull everything together and create vertical panels for a more streamlined look. Jackets make a person look more stylish anyway, so as soon as fall rolls around, layer away.

These tips should help you navigate the often tricky waters of men’s fashion styling. No matter what the rules are for plus-size men, there is always room for improvement. You should also try to use fabrics that are suitable for the situation you are dressing for Use these tips as you become and remain a successful fashion designer

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