5 Tips to looking Stylish this Summer without breaking a sweat !

5 Tips to looking Stylish this Summer without breaking a sweat !

Summer is just round the corner, which means it’s time to switch up your wardrobe. Roll up your sleeves, grab a drink, and take a look at our men’s summer fashion guide to stay stylish and take your look up a notch without breaking a sweat!

 When it comes to summer fashion, keep it light and utilitarian, but don’t compromise on the style. It’s the ideal moment to try something new because many of your friends are unlikely to do so. Hit summer in style! 

1. Flaunt your Ankle

Cropped looks are proving to be incredibly popular this summer. With endless options for pants available on our website, you can choose between a larger, more comfortable pant or something with a slimmer fit. Whatever pant you choose, fold up the pants and flaunt your ankle!

2.Choosing the right Shirt fabrics

In the summer, a strong rule of thumb when it comes to shirt fabrics is to choose natural fibers rather than synthetic fibers. Generally, synthetic fabrics retain moisture, reducing breathability and increasing sweat. Looser, lighter fabrics allow heat to escape, making them more comfortable to wear. Opt for linen and cotton shirts.

3.Play with Colour

Though classic colours look timeless and classic, the goal is to have fun with fashion this summer. Don’t shy away from expressive tones! Carry your look from day to night by pairing our White chinos with a classy coloured polo tee or shirt – perfect for a hot summer’s brunch or party night!

4.Accessories are your best friend!

When it comes to accessories, keep things simple. Sunglasses are an absolute must-have so make sure to invest in a quality pair. Finally, choose a timepiece that is both stylish and functional. Metal, leather, and rubber will all be very heavy.

5.Subtle Sneakers

In terms of footwear, there are a lot of possibilities. Summer footwear, such as boat shoes, can be worn with almost anything. This season, keep your shoe colours understated, and let your outfit do the talking. White is always suitable and adds a splash of colour. This summer, white leather sneakers are a must-have. It’s versatile enough to go with any summer ensemble. Socks should be either no-show or mid-calf. This summer, socks can be proudly displayed. Expect to see a lot of black or white mid-calfs, but grey is also a good choice.


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